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DR-Z400Y - What CARB do I have ? I am a NOOB

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Disclaimer: My first ever post. I am 54 years of age, have not ridden/worked on a motorcycle in 27 years.

Brought a 2000 year DR-Z400Y with the intention of learning to ride again. Not going to ride on the road, till I have a level of proficiency, which I believe I can obtain by the way I originally learnt to ride - that is off road.

The bike was delivered and started/ridden up the road by seller. Nothing wrong with it. But I did not attempt to restart it till 3 1/2 months later. And fuel peticock was left in the on position. Checking previous posts that may or may not have caused an issue.

Before attempting to start it again for the first time I siphoned the fuel from the tank (as best I could/not 100%) and put new fuel in.

Could not start it. So starts Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. My Zen aint working to well. Nor is my eyesight or joints.

Advised to drain the carb.

Established mine had a FCR carb. But not sure mine is the standard, because nothing I could find on the web mentioned any issue with accessing the drain screw. There is a bracket in the way. See pic. Advised by a motorcycle mechanic not to touch the bracket (who only saw a photo of it on my phone). I accepted that. He must have known I was Noob.

Later. Got annoyed. Removed bracket. No drama. Only 1 nut and one screw had to be removed and gently pushed unit aside just enough to give access to the drain. The bracket only holds a couple of rubber hoses to a black plastic dome that has a metal pin that can pulled and automatically retracts.  And let it drain overnight.

Still wont start. Change spark plug next I guess - was another thing someone someone advised me to do.

But what I am interested in doing if I can is confirming more about the carb. Is it not a FCR39 or is the "bracket" some extra add on to a FCR39 ?

Sorry if these are stupid questions.

The second pic shows the bracket better. It attaches to bottom of carb.

The bike is not road legal. Not that I could ride it to a workshop even if it was at this point. Will overcome all of that soon if I have to. But still keen to know more about the CARB type etc.








CARB USE 2.jpg

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What an awesome site. Thanks Guys.

And now I can see from the "parts fiche", in regards to the "black plastic dome that has a metal pin that can pulled and automatically retracts", well the metal pin would have had a black knob saying "PULL" attached to it. Must have long fallen off. No wonder I had problems trying to describe it to people. LOL

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the knob, part 111, says 'start' on it.


I have read that Tectroline injector cleaner works as well as tearing the carb apart.

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Hi Guys

Delayed update on my DRZ400Y, and my inability to kick start it.
I have NEVER kick started this bike.

The bike went into the shop.
They said carb did look dirty, and "after a strip and clean they had no problems starting it."

The day I got it back, I could not kick start it.
I pull the choke out full. Have experimented with giving throttle pre half turn, full turn, no turn. Bit of throttle when kicking.
Mostly choke on full, don't touch throttle. Decompression lever. Try and feel for optimum kick position. FAIL. AGAIN & AGAIN.

Because this is really a different subject to the original (although it all started with not being able to start the bike),
will ask the question with a new subject line in new post.

Will show after photo. Because bike shop decided to remove the bracket completely that was obscuring the carb drain.
See they put new hose on.
Pic attached.

carb br rem.jpg

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No throttle. Slowly push down on the kick starter until you hit TDC on the compression stroke. Use the De comp to get it just past TDC. Bring the kick start lever back to the top and give it a smooth, deliberate kick through the stroke with no throttle.

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