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Problem with TE 310 Running and over heating

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I read a lot about some people having problems with their TE 310 but I guess I thought "that surely will not happen to me, right?". Well I took my new/demo 2012 TE310 for its first real outing. We did some technical trail riding today and I started having problems after the bike heated up. First, the electric starter just quit working, not sure if it is a problem with the starter or with the battery (supposed to have a new battery in it when I bought it). When I would turn the key on you could hear the pump still kick on even though the electric start would not work. Then sometimes when I would kick it over it had a weird feel to it, like when I kicked it over the starting was trying to turn as well. The bike would not start, but if it caught at all it would backfire very loud. Then I could kick it over and would usually start.

After I rode for about another 45 minutes I noticed the bike did not want to idle. I had to really stay on the gas and the clutch to keep riding. Engine seemed really hot and the cooling fan never turned on. Bike then did not want to stay running, if I slowed down it would not idle and would shut off. When it was still hot I would try to kick it over, I could get it to start but would not stay running and sometimes would backfire (again loud) not start.

Do not know what to tell the dealer, what to look for, and what I might try. Dealer is a long way away, very disappointed and frustrated. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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