Dualsporting the WR450

Could anyone comment on dualsporting the WR? I'm mostly interested in how it handles on long highway stretches. Do you find the 5 speed to be limiting?

It's not the most comfortable bike to be riding on the pavement because it is, after all, a race-bike. That said, mine is dual-sported (I have a tall/soft seat foam on mine) and it cruizes along nicely on the pavement. It cruises 60-65mph no problem. :)

I don't commute to work on it but if I did, I'd want to invest in some cooling fans for the radiators for that stop and go traffic.

I have only ridden 20 miles at one stretch, it wasn't too bad but I found myself hitting the ditches more often than not, partly to get off the seat. 60-70 mph was doable but the wind from logging semis was more tolerable at 55-60 mph.

Installing a hydraulic brake switch was easy and the light only needs the addition of one wire to make it work. I worn out my tire in 6-8 rides so I won't be hitting the pavement as much. I think riding on a Dunlop 606 would cure that but the sacrifice in the dirt wasn't worth it for me.

If I ever want to commute more, I think I will find an old DR350-650.

Is a rad fan a standard Yamaha accessory?

For all its quarks, I find the 6th gear on the KTM to be very useful at highway speeds.

I agree knobby tires wear faster on pavement but that's just a cost of doing business, sort of speak.

No, the fans are definitely not standard equipment. There have been some previous threads about adding cooling fans to bikes and if I were to do it, I'd probably add some Suzuki S fans. They would only be needed for those times when you're in stop and go traffic. The WR would overheat in a hurry in that situation.

I know what you mean about the six gear on the KTM's. I think the 5th gear in the WR is plenty, even for road cruising. 60-65mph with stock gearing is fine on the WR and it doesn't sound like it's running it's nuts off at that speed.

Knobby tires will wear quickly on the pavment unless you go with a good dot knobby. They'll still wear quicker than a street tire, but not as quickly as a full on dirt tire. They don't buckle on the pavement either. I run dot tires so I can be legal AND safe on the pavement. :)

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