Gaerne SG10 Boots???

Has anyone used these yet? I am going to be getting some new boots pretty quickly and just wondered if anyone has tried them yet. They look like they'd be nice. I am considering the new Gaerne SG10, Tech 8's, and Sidi Force...any thoughts? I've noticed that Gaerne's are not that easy to find. Anyone know of a dealer in Utah that carries them so I could try them on? Also, I can't seem to find out if they are rebuildable or not (at their price-point I would expect them to be).


I'll give you my 2 cents. I have worn my tech 8's for the last three seasons. They are comfortable. They are nowhere close to water resistant/proof. I have sucked more water in these boots than my original axo rc1's. I even put the special paste on them?!? Also I snapped my left ankle casing a double with my toe stuck on the footpeg. Not even a crash. I'm not blaming the boot, that was my error but it may be possible that a different boot with more ankle protection may have helped. My next pair = SG10.

Tom Maguire

I have Alpinstars Vector. They are comfortable and waterproof. I'm on my second race season with them. They are holding up great. Casing a jump? I'm not sure any decent boot is better than the other in that department. :)

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