Countdown to 1,000!

I just looked at my post #'s today and I have 10 more to go til 1,000! Man, I feel old now! Gee, I remember being a "newbie" like it was yesterday. . . my first '02 yzf426, questions like "What's the BK mod? What's the best oil to use?" Then I got my '03 YZF 450 and the questions turned into answers. Now I have my '04 CRF 450 and I'm back to asking questions again! So three bikes, one badly sprained ankle, a separated shoulder, sprained neck, bad wrist, and a stiff back later, I'm on the verge of another "high" in my career. Sniff, sniff. Was it all worth it? Hell yah! :)

Wll TFB what you gonna do after that ? :)

Well, I've been thinking about that. Maybe buy some land in Utah, go into realestate, or retire to some tropic island in Hawaii. . . :):D

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