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Rear suspension needed maintainance check it out.

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So the rear suspension just felt funny to me and I understand the clickers and the spring adjustment with the spanner but that wasn't it it felt like the linkage needed grease...and guess what it sure as hell did so I removed the rear shock linkage and the part that bolts to the bottom of the rear shock. The bearings need to be replaced not on the linkage but the part that the rear shock bolts to, they were so dry I picked out each individual pin bearing cleaned them all with degreaser re installed and regressed and put it all back together TORQUING THE LINKAGE TO 58 FT LB but I have an inch lb wrench so it was 696 IN LB AND TORQUED THE BOTTOM OF REAR SHOCH TO 53 FT LB or 636 IN LB. Anyways it's all back together and the rear suspension has way better responsive travel but I would like to replace all those bearings. Where would I find them?

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