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Adjusting xt550 cam chain tensioner

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These motors don't need the manual adjusters , as with 98% of the others that some think are needed. I have 5 or 6 Yamaha tensioners laying around if you need one otherwise unless there is visible wear on the teeth or pawl no reason the replace it. You can use the tensioners off almost any '80's-'90 and even a lot of '00's Yamaha single thumper 500 -700cc bikes and atv's (XT600, Grizzlies, Raptors, Rhino's, Viking's) not the crotch rocket motors or YZ/YFZ/WR's though as far as I know. They're part number changed but it's the same item only not painted black .



Manual tensioners are mostly tensioned by feel and sound . Slowly turned in till you hear the chain going quiet and feel slight pressure(this is hard and easily overdone). I'd bet on some bikes , more damage has been done by manual tensioners being over clamped than the "defective" auto tensioners they feared.




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