Kick starter stays stuck in the fully kicked position, anyone else have this problem/issue?

On 7/2/2017 at 9:56 PM, hawaiidirtrider said:

 After a good break in the kick starting becomes ok on the 4 strokes.

My bike now has just over 1,000 miles and 50 hours, and I will say, the kick starter has not gotten any easier.  On the flip-side, compression is a good thing.  

The degree of difficulty in kickstarting this 500 RR-S makes a CR500R feel like it is only a 250cc motor.  The Beta feels like a 750cc single piston 2-stroke would feel like if there were such a thing.  It is tough.  Knowing it will not start on the first kick or even the first two is also tough.  


The good part is that my dealer repaired my kickstarter so that now it returns/recoils.  I was told that it was the spring.  As the bike is still under warranty until February, I I did not have to pay for the repair.  Hopefully it never comes up again as I had never had the problem with any of the other bikes I had owned.  

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