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450f clutch compatibility through years

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Count is still the same - except the later models only use 1 friction disk and the earlier models use 2 friction discs

Plus the hubs have different part numbers

You might also run into problems with the primary drive gear - although they have the same amount of teeth (23) the drive balancer gear which sits on the same shaft has a different amount of teeth (40 on the earlier models 34 on the later models)

So if you went with the later model clutch you would probably have to swap that gear as well.

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long story short, i was looking at used aftermarket clutch stuff and found a 13-16 clutch for a good price i was interested in and was wondering if anything was swappable.  If the frictions and steels are the same then the basket i have should work as long as the hub seats in the basket with similar spacing ect... 

So if the newer hub grooves would fit on the shaft splines it would maybe work.  Might be more trouble than it is worth unless someone has a 100% yay or nay.  

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