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Sunday Morning ride 6-25-2017 KLX400 - Trail Ride in Desert

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13 minutes ago, cowpie said:

looks dry .. i wouldnt want to have to walk out of there ..

Yeah its very dry at the moment  . This area is a great place to ride after a good rain and with cooler temperatures .
 Normally I'll ride with a friend in this area and this was the first time I didn't so I was trying to be careful and not get Radical .

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1 hour ago, 38super said:

You're lucky, too many tree huggers in Kali.

LOL .. Thanks 38super .
 New Mexico is certainly Off Road friendly but times are changing and areas are closing down .
 I would think it would be amazing to ride in California .With the ocean ,forest's,GLAMIS and all those MX parks .
Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too lol .
You guys have so many off road/mx tailoring businesses out there too it's a real wonder why you know .:excuseme:

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