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KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

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I saw a lot of that and since I don't know anyone with a "C" I ended up hunting down an "R" tank to avoid any issues. If someone does have the "C" and would like to compare, let me know. This one is a 1996.


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ims never made tanks for this specific model. So i have no idea what they are talking about ....send link and we see.


The C model tank is the one you see above in pictures. Has depressions/cavities for turn signals BECAUSE the C model has turn signals BECAUSE it street legal from factory.


The R model tank looks similar and green but doesnt have the cavities cause the R model is not street legal and comes without turn signals. 

The C model bike has a slightly longer frame and longer swing arm for street/highway speed stability. 

R model has more compact frame and shorter swing arm. 

Why should we care?

because the R model tank can be installed on the C model bike but it will have a little bit of empty space between tank and the seat. Some have also changed the seats (maybe even the side plastics but not sure) 

See pics here of people who did it, notice the little space 






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52 minutes ago, archerw said:

This is is IMS not Acerbis.

This thing is only 3.5 gallon which is not much more than the standard. It uses the standard shrouds, normally the shroud space is where Acerbis added more continence. 

Also this tank uses the standard tank’s petcock. Acerbis uses its own petcock. 

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