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New member, finally finished the facelift on my 2000 DRZ 400E

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Hey guys. I don't know if there any members  on here in Cheyenne, WY (or nearby area), but hit me up if so! 

I've been lurking on here since I bought my first DRZ a couple months ago, but I haven't really had anything worth sharing until now. I finally installed the last piece to complete the facelift I've been working on.


Here's what my DRZ looked like when I first got it:



I really didn't like the schoolbus yellow and white combo, so I right away decided I was going to completely change how it looked. After my last little bit of wrenching today, here's how it looks: 



For anyone curious what the project cost was, I did a quick breakdown from receipts: 
$148 - "Laser Blue" graphics kit from D&D Graphics

$121 - Black plastics kit from Lytle Racing Group

$36 - Replica KLX 450 headlight assembly on eBay

$0 - Metal gas tank that was already painted blue (The guy who sold me the bike threw it in for free, since he'd no longer need it)

$35~ - Aftermarket tail light. I forget where I bought it, and I can't find the receipt. 


The most work-intensive part of the process was simply getting the graphics positioned and put on the new plastics. I'd never done it before in my life. I estimate it took us about 8 hours to put on all the graphics. Regardless, I have damn near 0 experience doing any kind of work on bikes, so I imagine this isn't wildly difficult for anyone else who's thinking of a facelift.


I wasn't originally in the market for a 400, but this thing just popped up in the right place, at the right place, and I decided it would be my new bike. I used to have a KLR 650 a few years, but I sold it when I realized I couldn't use it to the the straight off-road, almost motocross type stuff I was starting to get interested in. So ever since then, I've been searching for a good bike that is still street legal, but much closer to actual dirt bike. And I think I've found it! 

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Nice! I really like my 01 E a lot. unlike you I like the school bus look HAHA

it looks like your side case was repaired, go get some case savers, a must have mod. 




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