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300rr supermoto sprocket size? tires?

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hey guys, i sold my wr250r supermoto today so I decided to pick up a set of supermoto wheels from dubya for the beta 300rr. im probally not going to use them a whole lot but will be fun to mess around somedays on the road.


anyone have a 300rr supermoto?

what size sprocket do you run?

what tire sizes?


thanks! it will take 3-4 to get them anodized and put together but once I have them i will post pictures

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I just acquired a set of new 17" wheels myself (with cushdrive hub) and will be setting them up with ADV tires 80% street 20% dirt so I can use one of the Betas as a shop run around and maybe go for some exploratory dirt road rides....Im thinking of fitting them to an XT or RR250/300 for some 2T street fun.

I recently set up an RR390 with 19" and 17" wheels with 15/46 gearing...really nice to ride on the street and 1st is still low enough for low speed tooling around in the dirt


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