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2000 Cr250 Front Wheel

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So I have a cracked rim on the front wheel (2000 cr250) . I also have a good front wheel from an 86 xr250.


Can I just press out the bearings on the xr and replace with the ones that should fit my cr axle?


Or, can I just swap rims? The spokes fit in the hubs a bit different from xr to cr.


And bottom line is what are the best ways to fix cracked rims?

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The whole rim swap thing sounds easy, but besides spoke by spoke removal, then install, then truing, then tire...its a task.

Bearings are different size. Either get a custom axle made. Probably the easiest. Just need a lathe and a foot of metal. Next choice would be to go to a bearing supplier and buy the applicable size you need. Keep them greased and/or buy extra for the future.

Then to figure out wheel spacers just cut your own. A pipe the Id of the axles od. Measure three times cut once.

Fix a cracked rimmmmmmm...

Ive seen one welded. But the welder knew his ish. 

Youre on the right track. Not a straight swap. Post results please

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