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Soft brake help!

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I have a 2016 Kawasaki KX85 High Model.

The front brake was all fine and hard as it should.

I had a crash, so my dad switched out the front brake lever.

For some reason, after that, the front brake has been very soft. Now I can press the lever all the way into the grips. My other friend has the same bike, but a little older (2014 Kx85 high model), his front brake was much better. Does anyone know what I can do? It may be air in the line, but I'm not sure.

The brake changed after we switched the lever.

Can someone help?


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Put a zip tie around the lever to hold it against the bars over night. This will allow air to works its way up and out of the system if there is any.

Also most front brake levers have some adjustment to them for lever position. It may be that it is set way out and not actually even depressing the plunger in the master cylinder.

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