bog down low, dirty airfilter?

never bogged before, but now comin out of a corner and i nail it, it bogs....its quite annoying. hopefully a clean air filter will cure it, it IS dirty

Mine started to bog real bad also oneday

After close inspection I found a KTM rider wrapped around my back tire

Those guys make good traction :)

Good one crack me up! Anyway, I have noticed the 4xx's will let you know when the filter is dirt or over oiled...bog appears and so does sluggish powerband. A clean one should show good results for ya. J

well i was gonna clean the air filter tonight but i dont think i need to now after i took out that epa represenitive that was stuck in my super powered vaccuum that we call a carb :)

i heard a muffled yell under my seat :D so i checked it out and sure enough, there he was.... wonder how he got there :D


ill have to disagree with ego...those KTM riders can't even come CLOSE to that new dunlop soft terrain tire :)

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