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Help with 1997 XR 250R valve adjustment!

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I my bike needed a oil change and valve adjustment. After I did all that and tried to start it up it started first kick. But I noticed that it was much harder/heavier to kick. Like it had a ton of compression. So I adjusted them again and now it’s back to normal. Accept when idleing it sometimes skips a beat.


I have never adjusted valves until now. I followed the manual. But if there’s something I missed that might cause that, let me know. So I started with making sure the “T” lined up and that it was on the compression stroke. If you put it in the “T” it is on the compression stroke anyway. Loosened the lock nut then used the feeler gauge to .010mm on the intake and tightened it so it has no room for the rocker to move. So I just snugged it up to it. I did the same to the exhaust with .012mm.



Did I miss something?



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Top Dead Center when on the T can happen on both the compression and exhaust strokes.  Putting it on the T doesn't make it on the compression stroke "anyway". If the bike runs after the adjustment, you must have lucked out and got it on the compression stroke.

Any adjustment you might have had to make should have been minor. If you had to make a big adjustment (more than .05mm) to get a valve in spec, you most likely were on the exhaust stroke.

And you set them wrong if set them to .010mm and .012mm. That's too small. So hopefully you made a typo, as it should be .10mm and .12mm instead.

After screwing the tappet down to the feeler gauge and tightening the nut. If you couldn't re-insert the feeler, it's too tight.

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Ok, well you being from Alabama and using metric, hey, I thought whatever you like. I usually use SAE instead of metric.

You mean it's supposed to be .004" inch, not .04

Intake is .004", 4 thousandths of and inch and exhaust is .005", 5 thousandths of an inch.

Like I said before if you're going to use a method of tightening the tappet down on the feeler gauge, be sure you can re-insert the feeler after you tighten down the nut, if not , clearance it's too tight.

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