Developing ideas needed for TT graphics kit

Guys, I'm developing my graphics kit for the YZF/WRF model Yamahas and want to get any input I can from all of you.

My thoughts are to do a ThumperTalk theme as I'm sure it would sell well amoung TT members. I've talked to Bryan (TT moderator) and the idea would be to sell these exclusively on the TT Online Store to help support the site.

These graphics would be equal quality of the kits that One Industries sells.

So, what wishes would you want in the design? Need your input. Colors, shapes, whatever?


Gotta Have a Ego Sticker

Definetly an Ego Sticker :)

Serious though

I am partial to the American Bald Eagle, It would be to cool to incorp an image into the shroud and Gas tank

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I am all for the american flag theme, but it's already been done a few times. Maybe a new twist on an old theme???

Maybe a hammer and sickle theme on a red background so people who race against you will be so confused you'll get the holeshot! :) hehe

I think the logo graphic at the top of this page should be on there somewhere. I'd think for a first pass that blue/white should be used to coordinate with factory plastics. If we get enough interest to generate two color schemes, it sounds like black is the most popular aftermarket color.

I wouldn't mind if the white only appeared on the radiator shrouds as the white graphics on my tank have yellowed *grrr*

Good input B, that is exactly what I'm looking for.

Just curious. Does everyone like the yellow trim on the TT logo. I've seen someone ride with blue and yellow gear and looked really good. Just not sure if it will cause the bike to look like Husky.


Hey, I'm not against the yellow outline, just thought I'd throw it out so people consider it one way or the other.


count me in for a set! My friend Matt (Matt406) probably would buy a set also (hes getting a 426 in about 1 month) Later,


PS I think the TTalk graphic (at the top of the page) would look great on a YZF! Especially when combined with TTalk front fender stickers :)

I like Ego's Idea about the bald eagle...maybe you could encorporate the american flag and the bald eagle...

I'm thinking the head of the eagle on the tank and then the feathers going back blend into the american flag stripes...

I also like the TT logo up top...I'm not too fond of the yellow but really like the 'electric' blue...I guess the little bit of yellow in that logo is ok...

I will definitely buy a set...

Ride On,


I think that blue as a main color, and a little yellow and a few lines of red, may be orange... no white please.

Let me try to contact a "gay" friend of mine, he's an architect and designer and have very "nice" ideas.... :)

I could offer a complete kit, this would include:

Tank (sorry no perforations)


Front fender tip

Rear fender (complete coverage)


And maybe...

Sides of front fender

Airbox (in carbon mostly likely)

Not sure what the interest would be in a complete set. Some may only want tank and shrouds, since they put sponsor stickers everywhere else.


I do not want the perforations in the tank... :D

Just in the graphics :D let it breath :)

Guys, the perforations in the tank are a very simple idea to help with bubbling, but guess what....the cost of the die that cuts those little holes is outrageous. It would drive the cost of the kit to moon.

All the materials these graphics will be made of are made by 3M and designed for this type of application. Should perform very well without perforations when applied correctly.

There would be nothing stoping you from using some peg board and a hole punch to make you own perforations, which I may do to my set. Just doing my best to offer some great decals at a price everyone can afford.


Yes, use the yellow outline. I like it, and would be willing to purchase two complete sets, one for the 250F,and one for the 426. Let us know the outcome of all of this feedback. Maniac

I like the American flag idea. There are no good ones out there.

All of this sounds really cool. Count me in for the entire graphic kit. I think it's a great idea. I do think we should stay away from the color white though due to the yellowing.


I like the yellow out line too. I also like ego's idea about the eco Nazi's and the bald eagle. Here's a good idea- have a bald eagle dropping an eco Nazi off a cliff next to a motorcycle trail! Put ThumperTalk on the top, and a person on a 426 carrying a flag on the trail, and everyone is happy! :) Seriously, I'd like to see how the kit turns out. My 426 is begging to shed its stock graphics.

My personal thoughts on the design would be an overlapping and over sized double T's with the rest of the lettering smaller and maybe spelled out diagonally across the tank. I simply mean that The "T" in thumper would be larger and the "T" in talk would be equally large and the rest of the letters would be splayed perhaps in a slight overlapping manner. The "TT" is what would stand out mostly. This is a mere suggestion. Anything that would promote ThumperTalk is fine with me.

Now that I think about it we should build the graphics with the logo's of the wildernes ECO Nazi's .

We could have big'O Thumper rear Tires, Rippin up the soil, Spittn out Eco Nazi;s along with trees shrubs, rabbits and all kinds of stuff

Yayaya that il do it :)

The blue and yellow scheme is popular for the aftermarket companies making graphics for the Yamahas. The yellow outline is part of the image and would look great.

It also matches my Oneal gear :)


I like the yellow and blue. Either the logo at the top of the page or the big tt would be cool. How much would a full set cost? Hasn't been mentioned yet.

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