Developing ideas needed for TT graphics kit

I LIKE IT!! Lot's of yellow. Two to three color scheme. Blue,Yellow / Black and Yellow always goes with any bike. Would it be cost prohibitive to put brand naame logo, ie: YAMAHA/HONDA etc.?

OK Here is my image I would pay bucks for flat down on the shroud to the Gas Tank



It has been said here on the forum that you are a jerk and contribute nothing to the site. Well, perhaps people should reconsider their thoughts about you! I actually have this flag/eagle graphic on my truck, but, about 12" across. I'd love to incorporate this into a dirtbike graphic but I didn't make this graphic, and have know idea who did.

Plus, there is a problem with it. It would work great on the right side of the bike because the flag would be positioned correctly, but flip/reverse the graphic and now the blue field with stars is on the wrong side, backwards. I was a Marine, and I know this is a big no no.

But still, I may be able to build something like it myself. Or if any of you are a graphics genius have at it and give me your ideas...

As for cost of a kit. It should be right on par with a One Industries kit retail. So for example, a One Industries tank and shroud kit is about $60-$70 retail. I'll have firm numbers once the design is complete, because number of colors, etc., will determine the final price.


Hey Ben,

I was not in the military so don't bash me for not knowing the 'rules' but every time you look at a flag it has two sides and when seen from the back side the stars are on the right.

I really like that graphic and ironically, if you read my last post on this thread I basically described this to a T.

In any case I'm in for a set...or two or three if some of my riding buddys catch on.

Let er rip,



I cant speak for those Mental Midgets that dont like me, and contribute slobering rubish. As for the Graphics , This is AMERICA, I am an AMERICAN, I can pretty much express myself in any way I feel, even here I do nothing to demoralize or belittle anyone here, If what I post offends then To Freakin Bad, I concider them no less the PC Thought Police anyway.

It is also passed along I make things a little more humerous around here too, so its give and take.

I did not notice the Flag :)

I will work on building a corrected version of ROYALTY FREE to anyone in TT that wants it it.

So Iam a jerk for helping Motoman and Gal, and others Hummmmmm seems like I dont conform to the standards of the SOCIALIST here...

We are getting off subject here, but Ego, you have to read deeper. I wasn't saying anything bad about you...

I may still try to make this graphic work, because way back when this was my first idea for the graphics.

It won't be that hard for me to work up a draft using this graphic.


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