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My 1994 kdx 200 died today...

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Hey guys so I was riding down hill today and I went to shift up and I lost a lot of power to my bike then I went to down shift and the bike started to make a really deep reving sound like a 4 stroke, but when I opened the throttle it continued to lose power and die. Sounded like the engine got flooded out, but I have no clue.  Tried to pop the clutch on the downhill. Turns over   very shortly, makes the deep reving sound and then dies. My throttle cable has been giving me problems when I turn, the bike starts to rev a lot like I was giving gas but only turning the handle bars. I have a new throttle cable on the way to replace. I Just wanted to see if this happened to Others and if they think it's the engine that got too much gas and is flooded or it's a top end needing to be rebuilt. Engine isn't seized. Any help is appreciated. Thanks 



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On 1/7/2017 at 3:04 PM, KDXGarage said:

Check for crunchy noises, then plug, compression, pressure / vacuum.


By the way, nice levers :)

its an easy clutch:goofy:

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