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Hot Start rebuld

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I inherited at 2003 YZ250F from my brother who is hanging up his dirtbike boots for good. I pulled the carb apart in order to clean and get it started. During this process, the hot start plunger got destroyed (it has fused to the carb body).

I ordered a new plunger and it came with a small o-ring. I *think* it goes above the plunger and serves as a "seat" for the spring to sit on (red arrow in the diagram I'm attaching), but I'm worried that I'm wrong and it actually goes around the groove in the plunger body (purple arrow in the diagram).

Could someone who knows please let me know? Thanks.

Hot start plunger.png

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Woah, I did NOT see that coming. You're saying it goes BELOW the plunger, and sits at the bottom of the barrel that the hot start plunger slides down into?!? Am I understanding you correctly?



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