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Peewee tracks

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Hello all, Long time reader and new member here.

My kids are just getting into dirt bike riding and I am getting back into it after 10 years off.

My son is 5 and daughter is 9, they ride a crf50 and crf110.

So far they have ridden in the yard and over the driveway. I am thinking of building them a Peewee track and am looking for pictures/ ideas.

I have found a few through searching but am wondering what you guys have.

Please post any pictures or ideas you guys have towards building a peewee track.


I am working with black dirt and don't have access to any heavy machinery but don't mind taking a bit longer to build a fun and safe track.

I want this first one to be small so I dont have as far to go when I have to help pick the bikes up...

Thank you for any input, I will post pictures as I build. 

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This may seem obvious but before you build your track be sure the area is cleared of anything potentially unsafe. Don't want the kids going off track and smacking into something unexpected. Whatever track design that you decide to build just make sure that the jumps are three times as long as they are high so that three-to-one ratio would look like a 3 foot long jump for one foot high lip or a 9 ft long take off for a 3 foot high jump. This ratio requires much more dirt but you will appreciate how easy everything is to roll over and it should keep them low so as long as they have room to land and are already confident riding their bikes, no big scare for them or you. Then as they progress and want bigger air you can chisel away at the jump faces and add it to the lip to change the ratio to more like 2:1. Teach them to corner well on all different surfaces. I'd add a rutted turn or two as well as a Sandy one and a flat turn too because berms are a luxury in real life riding. 

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