riding near denver -no racetracks

hey all, Im wondering if anyone knows of some free riding near denver (not racetracks, and other than Rampart). just want a nearby spot to practice thats close and easy to get to, ie... empty field or ???


Up above central city, there are some trails, not single track, mostly four wheel drive. It takes about as long to get to rampart, but less people.

Dont know if this is what you are looking for or not.

I was up last weekend riding in a blizzard and 2 inches of snow.


thx guys

These are not free, but very cheap +-10bucks, and all are within one hour of denver if not closer. These are tracks, but on weekdays are very uncrowded.

1. IMI exit 232 east to track

2. Valley Dirt Riders (Berthoud)

3. Watkins

4. Thunder? Valley off c470 near dragstrip

5. Johnstown/Milliken

6. Aztec

7. Wild Rat Raceway

I think Berthoud has by far the best/most riding, for 10 bucks weekdays 12 weekends, but weekends are a warzone on the big track, so be ready to go fast or get roosted to death(by me).

OOPs, sorry I forgot you didn't want racetracks! Need an empty field near Denver? Ha HA Good luck finding one!! I know of a free spot in loveland that rocks, but that is probably too far for you.

P.S. What's wrong with tracks? Or Rampart? Ok rampart is a circus I admit.

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