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Broken vent tube. PWK swap...

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Hello everyone!


In the midst of my PWK swap on my 02 cr125, I have found myself in a sticky situation...


When I first received my used PWK carb, it looked like it had sat for a VERY long time! After a good cleaning, I found a crack on the bottom of the vent tube... once I got it cleaned, I ran some gas through it and it seemed to work fine! No leaks!



I go to rejet it (dialing in my jetting) and the tube completely falls apart!


There are plenty of routes I can go, but I want to at least get one or two rides on this thing before I have to buy a whole new float bowl.



My questions are, can I just completely block off this part of he carb? I have some High temp JB weld that I can use to just block off the vent? Float is already perfectly adjusted and needle does not stick and let in excess gas? Could this be a good option?


Or I could drill it, buy brass tubing, and replace it?


Any tips and help would be appreciated!

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Lol, so I fixed it!

Went to hobby lobby, got some 5/32 copper tubing.

Came back, drilled it out to 5/32. Took some JB weld, put it at the bottom on the new tubing, cut it to length, pressed it in, and smeared the excess JB around the hole. So far so good! Slides right in and out! Waiting until tommorow to get some fuel flowing through it now!

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