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European Vacation Enduro and the Great White Buffalo trail - Beer Scramble 2017 report 7/1/17

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Me,  Oldedude and NORCALRIDE set off on a 4 hour journey this morning at 830 am, deluxe across ALL of Georgetown. WE did 65 Frigging KM!  holy shit.  The Beer was well deserved!

We set off out back of 3 to tobacco road 1 and on down to road creek road, and despite the switch backs we go up lower trail 8.  Things were cool and shady!   We are doin great, on across and up 9 we go then up to bald mountain.  I make a point of saying wow 15 miles already, we did 6 miles coming up that hill. I don't recall it being that long?    we Take a break, chew some fat, talk stories about slyko

Then we are off out 1 and down the hill,  nice day, we are doing great.   We took a long break at 5 corners, then we hear the Superslyko hill story.   Norcalride and his buddy take him out 5.3 out by 6?  some straight up rocky hill,  they get to the top and no slyko.  they go down and SuperScareCrow says I can't make it. He was at a concert last night and now super hung over..........  the story goes on from there......

Any ways we named that Slyko hill "Scarecrow".  It's actually out by rock lobster .   Now we continue,  do all the 5's and I say do you guys  want to go  out west now, down rock lobster and across the deep water to home?  Sure They say.  so away we go.  Here's the fun part the big wide hill climb on the back side of rock lobster.. is really in great charging prime barreled beer keg shape.  WE all raced up it  flow style, its got rocks, ruts, trees, razor rocks, all of it.  Great ride.  Lots of fun. We have named that hill climb The Great White Buffalo

Took no photos till now for the down hill rock-lobster run and photos of the beer party back at the trucks,  but I am getting ahead of the story.  WE go out 6-1  and take the big circle trail 1-2  till finally going down Crawdaddy to the deep water.  By then we are beat and have all of darling ridge to run yet to get home.  But Curt's KTM rear brake goes out, so we ride road for awhile, get lost on the roads. I have never been lost at GT ever, but never rode roads like that either.  We figure it out and turn around, find the dirt trails again and head back.  By now We are getting  tired and Beer thirsty.  I am looking at my speedo and its says 55 miles,  I am thinking oh yes easy we did 55 and got 5 more to go.   We finally get back to the trucks and the beer and I yell out the First annual Beer Enduro Scramble  we did 64 miles!!!

NORCALRIDE says no way we did 37.8 miles   WHAT?   you are full of shit. He says he has a half tank of gas left, and asks me are you sure your speedo is not on KMH metric?    we look and holly shit, my bike is on metric.   So every ride these last 5 months when I thought I was doing 30 or 40  miles,  I doing like 23 or 15.  🤦    Heck that means I bailed out at mile 9 at Barstow not 15.  :banghead:

So WHAT?    I say F all you guys  WE DID 65 KM today and that's my story.  Let's drink that beer.    and...so all That!  was just the start of a great beer scramble beer fest 2017.   THANKS NORCALRIDE and OLDEDUDE!   






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