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Battery on DRZ 400 doesn't charge - Not sure if Stator is damaged

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I am new to thumpertalk. I bought a used drz 400 a month ago. A week ago my bike didn't start anymore. The battery was empty, so I recharged it but the same thing happened again 2 days later. So I bought a new battery because I thought the old one was bad. The same thing happened again with the new battery. So I looked on thumbertalk for any solutions. It seems that the battery doesn't get charged when the bike is running. After checking the battery with a multimeter I get only 12,4 volt on my battery even if the motor is on and I am going up to 3000rpm. There are a few things that could be damaged or faulty. The adapter connecting the cables to the battery could be corroded. I checked for that but it seems to be fine. I looked at the fuse but there doesn't seem to be any damage. The rectifier was tested with a multimeter and it seems to be ok too. The only thing that is left is the stator and after checking with the multimeter it seems to be the problem since I don't get the same readings for the 3 different pins. So I removed the stator from my bike but after inspecting it it seems to be ok. No coils are burnt (or at least it seems like the stator is in a good condition). I made a couple of photos for you to see it for yourself. I don't have much experiences with these kind of things so I am not sure if I should I replace it or not or if the problem is somewhere else.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks for your replies. 



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You might have found the DRZ forum and it's FAQ by now, but I can give you a short rundown. You can test the stator leads while the bike is running, you're looking for 70-90 volts AC depending on RPM. Don't run the bike with the R/R output disconnected. 

I had a problem with the 2-prong connector that sits on the output side of the R/R. The bike wouldn't charge because of corrosion in this plug. 

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