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Should I but this 2004 kx85

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Hi there's a 2004 KX85 for sale on Craigslist and needs bottom end bearings it's $300 could probably get the person down to 200 or 250 wondering if this is a good deal or if I should pass it up and get something else and if I should get it is it a lot of work to replace the bottom end bearings?

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The engine requires a full tear down, bearings are replaceable but using a complete crank kit is likely a safer bet.

Not knowing the extent of damages figure at this point the top end (piston & ring) should also be rebuilt.

If the engine was run hard on bad bearings, the bore (cylinder) & head might also require attention (replaced or re-plated)

as loose bits from the crank bearings may have caused damage.


Since the bike isn't rideable at the time of purchase, you also have no clue if the clutch and gearbox are fully functional.


If you choose to invest all this money and effort in the engine, it remains a 10+ year old dirt bike that will probably need a few extra hundred bucks 

in regular 'consumables'  (brake pads, cables, bearings etc.) to make it a reliable ride.


In all due respect but since you're asking it's doubtful you have the mechanical skills to attempt this,

you'll also need some specialty tools and a service manual for the specs.

Having a shop do all the work would be cost prohibitive versus the value of the bike.


I'd say save up for a well maintained bike that's in running condition to begin with,

in the end you'll have spent the same amount of money but will be riding it rather than wrenching on it.


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