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How to mx (tips for you guys only. Just practice it)

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Ruts: give throttle till you need to rear brake and front brake and when you start leaning your bike over to enter rut, sit towards the gas tank, stick inside leg up, weight out side peg with outside elbow up, and keep light pressure on front and or bacj brake till a little pass apex of turn and thrn give throttle.

Starts: get forward on gas tank, pull clutch in and slowly let out till the bike wants to go forward then pull in ( front brake as needed uf your rolling forward), feet in front of foot pegs pointed inward towards the bike, half throttle ( or a little more), and when gate drops slowly release clutch while giving more throttle till about 6 to 7 yards out which is when the clutch should be fully released with your feet on pegs.

Jumps: stay centered with footpegs, give it gas, push down when at bottom of jump for more height and dont if lower height, and lean back when in mid air.

Turns: lean a little forward on bike while standing (or sitting) and light clutch to none gas and leaning bike over.

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