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So we picked up an old XR 100 so our nephewws could learn to ride.  got it runnin g,  and they can now start stop,  shift and turn,  so we are making progress.  So now we will be taking them on their first big "ride"  up around Kalkaska michigan.  But the rear knob is completely shot,  the front is so so at best.

I'm having a heck of time getting tire sizes (I'm in California,  I will order up a set -  probably from RMATV)  have it delivered to Michigan where the bike is.  I'll put the tires on when I get there.

So it looks like the rear is 3 X 16 -  correct?  seems fairly standard

The fronr?  the rim says 140 X 19,  and the tire on it says 2.50 X 19?  but the RMATV site say 90/100 X 19.

Can someone with some knowledge and experience with this bike help me out,  so I have the correct tires waiting when I arrive?

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