Broken Clutch 2001 RMK 800. Sell it or fix it?

Bought an old sled, broke it 3 weeks later. What to do with it now. Don't have skills to fix it myself. I'am in Central Oregon, would be cool to meet somebody who could help me fix it. What to do what to do? IdeasIMG_2272.JPG

What broke?  Even a complete used clutch in good operating condition isn't too expensive. 

Poo primaries are kind of hard to break, they don't have the issues some other brands do (cat's cracking spiders, for example). 


With some basic hand tools you can deal with bushings/weights/spring and not even have to pop the clutch off the sled. 


That would be sweet. Here's what I know. Was throttling her pretty hard, heard and felt and pop. Was able to limp her back to the house. Had pro caliber here in Bend take a look, $3200 they quoted me, but can't remember exactly what that all included.

They said I broke the crank. But not totally, because it was still able to move the sled when the clutch engaged.

ah ... in that case, with a sled that old .... what i'd do is part it out.

You'll learn what does what as you take things apart, which will help with wrenching on your next sled.


Some stuff moves quick, other stuff you'll hold onto for a while. 

Motor (bottom end anyways, might be some salvageable parts in the top) and tunnel you're probably best off taking it to aluminum recycle. 

Pipe/can, side panels/plastics, hood, track, seat.... that stuff moves pretty quick.  Rear skid ... might have trouble with a sled that old moving it, but you might be able to sell the suspension parts off it and scrap the rails for more than you'd get for the entire skid. 


I've parted out two sleds now... it's worth the time to do it.  Get a lot more cash out of it that way, if you're willing to put the effort into photo/list/shipping the parts. 

When my Pro digested a piston... most of the chassis/bulkhead went to recycle (badly damaged/bent).



Bottom end/crank went to IndyDan as trade for some clutch work.



Rear skid/shocks I sold to a guy in AK doing a custom snowbike build...


Or, depending on how much you like that sled and want to put into it.... I bet you could find a complete used motor for pretty cheap anymore.  (like under $1000 cheap, if not closer to $500.)

Right on SnowMule Thx

if you broke a crank  you didn't ride it in ? sure the clutch bolt didn't break and clutch spun on the taper?

Shop should have caught that, if that were the case. 

First thing they should do is grab the primary and see how much slop the crank has... if it were the bolt that was loose/broken, it'd just spin without moving the crank. 


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