16' 300rr EATS new dash batteries (CR2032)

On 2/14/2018 at 10:24 AM, Chas_M said:

I have replaced the ODO 2032 battery 5 times so far since 9/2/15 in my '16 300RR.  

Sierra BMW & Beta just mailed me "upgraded diode and condenser units" for the 300RR as part of a factory recall.  Even though I did remove the factory oil injection system earlier, I will install these upgraded items anyway to see if ODO battery life can be extended.  

I just now replaced the battery for the 5th time.  The new battery measured 3.26 V while the old battery measured 2.79 V.  Its difficult to believe why this apparently small level of discharge would impact battery function so much! 

I've been on three rides with the "upgraded diode & capacitor" installed and the low battery light hasn't lit up yet. Hope this is the end of my TT battery issue. Fingers crossed!

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