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Freakin cheap crap!

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7 hours ago, Igotr8e8rs said:

I go into my t.h today and this edge of the countertop has peeled off clear to the corner. :cool: I put some %100 silicone on it. That should hold it


Perhaps. Lots of flex with silicone. Contact cement might have been better. :excuseme:

Always harder to fix others mistakes when it should have been done right the first time.

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17 minutes ago, dezracerE said:

All RV's are made pretty cheap. (Except the stuff we can't afford)

Gotta keep up with the little things.

Ya, I realize that. I guess they have to be in order for them to be affordable.  In 1985 I worked at a Fleetwood plant. For a short time. I remember the "types" that worked there. Wait, I was one!  :doh:

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On 7/15/2017 at 0:27 PM, YHGEORGE said:

Silicone as a fastener???

Actually it works in some applications. I'm thinking sill covers, and door sills off the top of my head. It adheres well but has the above mentioned flex which can be desirable or not depending.

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