Suspension question for an 04 WR450F....

Hi all :lol:

I finally finished all the free mods to my 04 WR450, now it hauls. I just started jumping it and I don't know if the stock suspension is setup for what I want to do with it or not. I mainly do desert riding (ie. Ocotillo Wells). I want to set the suspension up for big woops and jumps. My height is 6'2" and I weigh 210lbs. If any of you have the same bike and know some things about suspension, could you please tell me how to adjust the suspension for myself? I don't know sh|t about suspension :D.

When I go to the desert, my buddies and I look for jumps to hit. Most trails we take have massive whoops. So, even though I'm out in the desert, we're usually riding motocross-style riding. Hope I'm making sense :). AND, I want to race in the Adelanto Grand Prix next year which is pretty much 9.3 mile loops of nothing but whoops :usa:. So am I going to have to go softer on the settings? Both front and rear 50/50 or what? :D

Thanks again :D Thanks for your help. :usa: I'm sure you get these questions all the time. :D

Sorry for having to repost but I'm not getting much help in the suspension forum :usa:

For whoops you will probably want more damping. Start with your rear rebound (it's the easiest to feel whats going on, for me at least). If the rear is 'kicking' up, add rebound damping a click at a time until it settles down. On my bike it was easy to find the right setting, each click felt better, until I went one to far, then the back felt 'dead'.

I find the other circuits are a little more difficult to feel whats going on. Up front I think I've ended up(so far) with 3 or 4 more clicks (from stock) of compression, and 1 more rebound for whoops.

BUT FIRST, you should set the rear sag. This will also tell you if you need a heavier rear spring(you probably do). has a 'spring search' feature that is handy too. Up front you can add pre-load washers (part# is in your manual under 'suspension tuning') to help the front ride higher. I added 2 to each leg, it's only 4.6mm(2)of preload but makes a noticeable difference (btw, I'm 200lbs w/out gear).

Take time to experiment with the clickers, they can make a big difference. It's also a good idea to carry a small note pad with you, and write down each change, so you always know where you are. :)

Disclamer: I'm no expert by a long shot, this is just what seems to be working for me so far.

I added 2 to each leg, it's only 4.6mm(2)of preload but makes a noticeable difference

Lipskid what did this help? More plush or what? I have never added preload up front so thats new to me. Thanks

The front rides a little higher in the travel. Made the front feel more 'balanced' with the rear.

BTW, you need a flat wrench to get in on top of the spring. I think it's a 17mm (don't remember for sure, I'll check later). Anyway, the bicycle shops sell what they call a "cone wrench" (comes in different sizes) that works great. :)

I would suggest you take it to a suspension shop. You are going to need stiffer springs because of your weight and if you get it re-valved it will smooth out all your issues on the bumps. Precision Concepts or Fastline are near your area. There are also a lot of shops in the Orange County area.

If you want it done right take your bike to George at ESP in Tujunga, Ca. If you take what syle of riding you described in your post and give it him, he'll dial it in for you I promise. I can't get my friends to shut up about how great their bikes are now that they have an ESP suspension. So give him a call 818.951.9144 :)

Will do..

Thanks all for your help!! :D:)

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