Is This A Polaris XCR 800?

I recently had someone offer me a 1999 Polaris XCR 800 triple in exchange for my dirt bike. The seller says it has a title and only has about 2000 miles on it! I've always wanted an XCR 800 triple. What confuses me is why does it a "600 XCR" on the side of the snowmobile? Another thing that confuses me is that I cannot find a single white 1999 Polaris XCR 800 triple anywhere on Google. The only color I see is from that year is red. The seller swears it's a 1999 Polaris XCR 800 triple. The seller claims that they cannot find the VIN. I honestly assume the seller may either be misinformed or is down right lying. I don't know much about snowmobiles so I need you guys to help me out on here! 


Update: The seller claims "We put a different hood on it bc my dads buddy who we got it from he cracked the other one al little." The seller also claims to have the original hood. What do you think






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It has 3 spark plugs...

22 minutes ago, Refresh said:

It has 3 spark plugs...

Your point? They have 600 triples too. 

The pink engine cover makes me think its a 600...but im not certain

15 minutes ago, Refresh said:

The pink engine cover makes me think its a 600...but im not certain

I honestly think it's a 600 as well. I'm going to try and get the seller to take a picture of the VIN on the engine if it even has one

Look on the cylinder for its part number and reference against a fiche.  600 and 800 cyls are different parts.


It's a XCR600. My 2003 Kawaski KX250 2 stroke is worth way more than a work out 600. 

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