Street legal at last!!

I got my temporary plate today, after months of lighting modifications. I'm not the original owner, so the paperwork was kind of a hassle, but fortunately I know someone at the DMV, and she was very helpful. I let my motorcycle license lapse a few years back so I haven't had it on the road yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I do have a couple of questions for any of you that might know: With average road riding, what kind of gas mileage can I expect to get? And, if I switch to a 13 tooth countershaft sproket (for tight woods riding), what would that do to my top speed? Thanks for reading!

Gary :):D

Gas mileage will depend on how you ride it. Not really sure what kind of mileage on the raod but you might want to get a bigger tank to increase the range. Qadsan posted some figures on speed with different gearing. I think 13/50 was good for 80.

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