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WR426 rebuils

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Figured I'd start a build thread to establish a place to ask questions and maybe give others some ideas about their own bike.

Bike is a 2001 wr426, which I got a couple of months ago in supermoto trim. Was honestly in pretty average condition when I got it, and when my gearbox went to shit on me I decided I might aswell do up the whole bike.

Here's what the bike looked like before I stripped it down



Looked ok, but it had rust spots all over the frame, weathered and scratched plastics, and a 5th gear that didn't work. Ultimate plan is to fix the tranny, repaint the frame, paint the wheels, give everything a good clean and get some new graphics for it. Haven't decided on a colour scheme yet - anyone have any ideas?

Started the strip down process last night


Gonna get into the engine tonight and start taking it apart. I'll be replacing 3rd and 5th gear, aswell as the 2nd shift fork.

If anyone can think of anything I should look at or replace while its in pieces, I'm all ears.

I'll keep this thread updated as I go

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Stripped the frame bare and started taking apart the engine today



This is where the shock linkage meets the frame. There's about 7-8 mm of play on the axle - is this normal, or should there be a spacer in here somewhere?


This is what the top of the piston looks like. Even if the piston turns out to be within spec, should I replace it anyway? I really have no idea how old it is, but I'm on a budget so wouldn't want to replace it unnecessarily.




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