'98 Carb vs '99 ? (Wr400)

Hey guys. Looking for a replacement carb for my DrzS, I know the 99 Wr400's carb will work, not sure about the 98 model. So does anybody know if there are any differences in the carbs? Both are 39mm Keihin FCR's, but were there... any differences? :D:)

As far as I know, the 98/99' body's ARE COMPLETELY IDENTICAL. Just the jetting was changed...in fact Yamaha changed the jetting EVERY YEAR to try and get max performance. This was ALL based on the NEEDLE JET.

Note, the jetting ABSOLUTELY SUCKS on this year of carb.

Get yourself a JD jet kit @ shop TT. Even though I am a "moderator", I would never endorse ANYTHING that is a waste of your money.

And, there is no such things as kickbacks ($$$) here. I have this kit myself.

I would also perform the Taffy Mod to the accelerator pump. Without it, you could end up like Dougie Henry when his YZF stumbled at the takeoff of the jump. Doug broke BOTH his arms.

I have a 98 wr carb for sale.PM me if interested---shane

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