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XT600 dies intermittently

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I have a 1990 XT600. I've had it for 3 years and it's never given me any problems. I am not sure if it's a California model. I think its just an EA.
Yesterday morning it started acting like it wanted to die while on the freeway connecting into town. I was going 55mph at the time but as I got into town the speed limit was only 35 and it continued acting as it wanted to die. I would pull the clutch in and it would die, I'd pop the clutch out and it would start but keep cutting in and out. I coasted into a parking lot and it died. It started right back up and I made it to work. On the way home it did the same thing. So where would I look for something that would cause the engine to die intermittently? Coil? Some sort of sensor? Kill switch making intermittent contact with handlebar? I've searched the Internet for other having this issue and this was the only information I've found so far.

I suspected the kick stand sensor so I kicked it a few times while riding and nothing happened.

Thanks for your help.

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