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2001 yz250f oil leak at weld

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Hey guys, 

Picked up a 2001 yz250f from a friend of a friend. Bike had sat for a while and wouldn't kick over but thanks to the info on here I've got it running and kicking over great when cold... a little tricky when its hot but thats not really my concern right now. I noticed a slow and small oil leak after the first night it sat in the garage. Im pretty sure I traced it to a weld on the frame. From other posts on here I guess this isn't a totally uncommon thing but what im wondering is the thickness of the steel tubing of the frame? My cousin is a welder and Im just going to have him lay a bead over it to seal it up and strengthen the joint. 


On another note I also noticed where it may have happened before and they JB welded it!! Wont the crack just get worse? Any opinions on moving forward with this bike would be great thanks.


here are some pics of the leaking weld




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this was between the radiator mounts right below what i think is the ignition coil. we put a bead across it last night and no oil this morning on the garage floor or down the front of the bike. 

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