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xr650r XR650R RickyStator Problem?!

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Hello Thumpertalk Community,

My First Post here and i'm going to start with a Big one... for me at least.

On my 2005 XR650r wich is an ED Type i guess? (Bought in Germany i think(2nd Owner)) My Stock Stator somehow broke after long investigations a specialized company found out that one of the Coils wich is responsible for the Ignition is broken. Repairing would've cost me about 300€ (~280$ i guess?) and a compleatly new OEM would've cost me 600€ wich is why i bought a RickyStator from Xr'sOnly after a good month the stator arrived (due to customs) and as i Wanted to Replace the old one i noticed a big problem:

The OEM Stator has wiring wich looks like this:

    A multi caple Plug with 5 Cables in it.

    2 Cables for the ignition.

The RickyStator one Looks like this:

    8-10 Loose Cables of wich 2 where in a MultiCable Plug

    Ignition Cables are Known 

Dosn't fit but i got a question

Would the Bike run if i only run the Ignition Cables? 

Does every cable have to do 1 exact "job" or are the rest of those wich arn't igniton cables only for supplying the rest of the bike with the 12 Volts?


Anyone had the same or similar Problem?

Pliz halp am only good with mechanical problems not with electrical stuff 

Thank you in Advance i guess 🙂




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