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Can The Rally Front Brake Mount On A 250L?

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If it hasn't been asked already, can the Rally oversized 296mm front brake be fitted to a 250L?

The rally has the following part numbers

CRF250L Rally

45120-KZZ-A21 Disk

45190-KZZ-A21 Bracket

45150-KZZ-A22 Caliper

Where I'm not sure is if the disk will mount to the 250L hub as the hub part number changed between the 250L and rally

44635-KZZ-J00 (250L)

44635-KZZ-900 (Rally)

Also, I curious if the how different the caliper is and if our existing caliper will mount to the rally bracket. If it can be done, I might dive into this after riding season during my front end tear down.

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