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2016 Carb Removal / Reinstall

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4 months into ownership, it was time to make some ccc mods (fuel screw, jd kit, airbox opening)

I'm a beginner mechanic , so I thought I would pay it forward to anyone looking at doing this on a recent X. I know, I know, most years are the same, but I honestly was more scared about getting this job done by the simple fact that most posts online are about people struggling to get the carb / airbox boot back on, and most are really dated.

I wanted to share the "easy" method I pieced together from several posts / video's.

This post is not about how to do the JD kit  or how to remove the tamper pin in the fuel screw, this is about removing / reinstalling the carb. I also know this can also be done by twisting the carb, I wanted to take it off.

A - Get a friend to help, makes everything easier.

B - Learn how to do this rear shock removal method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnvkLxjvcwA

C - Watch this video on carb removal and reinstall - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYAtr5Ve2oM


On the reinstall method, this is what I changed:

1 - Get the carb back on the engine, double check all your hoses for routing - do not tighten the clamp

2 - Do not reinstall the rear shock as instructed

3 - Get the airbox boot on the carb...start by taking the carb off the engine side so you can easily sit the airbox to the carb, with the shock out of the way you have easy access for this step to ensure it is properly seated, tighten the clamp.

4 - Get the carb back on the engine side, tighten the clamp

5 - Follow step B on putting your shock back in

6 - Continue with step C to reassemble.


This method was so easy, I'm happy to remove / reinstall anyone's carb on a CRF :)

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