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Hi Everyone,

  So I recently picked up my new 2013 TE511 ! Very excited, but I do have a problem. When I bought the bike from the owner he used it for off trail riding only and took off the turn signals / license plate. He said 'all you'd need to do is hook it up'. No problem I thought, right?! Well turns out I took off the headlight to expose the electricals but I think he pulled out quite a few wires and the flasher module. 

Can anyone take a look below and let me know what these taped up wires go to and how to hook up the lights? Do I need a three pin flasher module or a two pin?

One of the photos shows the entire area with the missing flasher module in the top right.

Another Image shows two sets of 'blue wire, brown wire'. 

There is a close up of a yellow, red, and black wire taped off.

Lastly, there is the photo of the green, black, white wires coming from one of the turn signals. 

How do I hook this up?





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