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Fork and headlight question

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I have a 2000 drz e that I put on an S model headlight using the stock hardware. Recently I bent up the headlight, I had a second pair of mounts hanging on my wall that I got from I have no idea where.

So I grabbed them and slid the fork down and went to put them on and these mounts were for a bike with larger diameter forks. I was under the impression that through the entire run of drz, all years, the forks were always the same. At least as far as the dimensions of the fork. So I was curious what these are for.

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16 minutes ago, Gary in NJ said:

2000 to 2002 are different from the rest. They use conventional forks. 

No external difference on the forks. Older DSU forks are damping rod style, newer are cartridge style.

Perhaps the bracket it for a SM?

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