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2016 CRF450R trail

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I bought a 2016 CRF450R off the showroom floor a couple months ago. I am using it for a woods bike here in the Pacific northwest. Here are the things I have done to make it ridable on single track/woods.


Rekluse z-startpro - I set mine to Medium RPM and Hard engagement rate.


52 tooth rear sprocket makes for a 13/52 -¼ ratio. + a new DID chain.


Trailtech Hour Meter/RPM meter - With this you can make sure your Rpm is above 2000@idle


Stock ECU I use one blink which is the standard setting.

I have tried aggressive setting and its doable but the power delivery didnt suit my style riding. I loved the agrro setting when we ride fire roads and wide open areas but for anything technical and tight it didn’t work for me.


The aggressive setting gets less fuel economy than the mild/standard

The aggressive setting also heats up faster and is more prone to boil overs.


I wasn’t having a good time on this CRF with all the trail flame outs. The issue throttle chop at low speed = flame out. There is no setting to alleviate the issue, at least that I discovered. The gear ratio change with the Rekluse make it ridable.


I’m 45+ 200lbs and raced motocross in my teens I ride much slower and safer now lol.


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