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Hi all. I currently have the engine of my 2002 WR 426 partially apart as I have to replace some gears on the mainshaft. This project is a major pain and as I'd rather not have to split my engine again I'm wondering what parts (if any) I should replace while I'm currently in here.

Also if you have anything I should keep in mind while removing the engine or just tips in general. I'm fairly new at this :)

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You'll need a few special tools to make the job easier.. While it's a labour intensive job, you can usually do it with normal hand tools.  Just take your time, follow the manual and it'll all come apart with a little patience.

Special tools you'll need to split the cases;

-Flywheel puller

-Clutch basket holder

-Piston ring compressor

-Snap ring pliers


Special tools that come in SUPER handy;
-blind bearing puller/slide hammer

-crankcase separator/press

-measuring equipment (vernier caliper, feeler gauges, etc)

-heat gun

-impact driver


Make shift tools you can use;
-a penny or small piece of aluminum.


When you're removing all the lock nuts on any of the thru shafts, you can wedge a penny or aluminum between adjacent gears so you can remove the nuts without damaging any of the gears.  Don't reuse any of the bend up lock washers, just replace them.  I'd be changing all the case bearings and any o-ring/seals that are difficult to access.


When the new bearings are going back in to the case, or you're installing the crankshaft into the bearings, use an oven to heat the case evenly on low heat.  Freeze the component you'll be installing over night and try not to touch any bearing with your bare hands.


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