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DRZ 125 Idle and Smoke Issue

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Earlier this spring I bought a 2016 drz125 (used). I started riding it and soon realized that once it got warm, it did not like to idle. On startup, I don't touch the choke because it starts fine without it, and runs. It would start slowly dying once it was warm, and then cut out all together. I tried to change the idle so it would idle higher, but all that did was make it idle very high. However, it would not die out. I tried everything in between and nothing worked. It was either super high, or slowly die out. I just started riding it with the lower idle, and rev it when the clutch was in to keep it from dying. 

I just went outside and started it up and noticed smoke coming out the exhaust, which I think is oil burning. I let it warm up and the smoke did not stop, but soon the engine did due the the idle issue. The smoke is what led me to create this post. The bike runs perfectly normal when accelerating and shifting.

What could be causing this issue and how can I fix it? And isn't is a bit early for these issue to be occurring? Thanks :thumbsup:

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