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Suggestions for 07 CR250 flywheel weight - woods riding

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My friend has CR250 and wants to tame of down for the woods. I have never messed with the flywheel weights.  What would you recommend for a stocker with ProCircuit pipe. Gearing is 13/ 51. 

What can I expect with each suggested weight and what would you recommend for gearing? 

Surprisingly, the bike runs great with the stock carb and JD Jetting kit.

I also have an 07 CR125, same questions with an FMF Fatty, PWK AS carb from JD Jetting, Gearing is 13/ 52


Thanks in advance. Too many searches come up on my phone. 


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I'd suggest trying a gnarly pipe for the woods riding.  The PC pipe will give the engine a more aggressive powerband vs. the gnarly that will have a smoother torque with a slower revving characteristic.  The flywheel weight will also slow the revs down, but can be more of a personal choice mod as some like it & some don't.      

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