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help with valve checks on drz400

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hey guys first time posting, the names dowdy :)

to start off, ive had my drz400 about 4 months now, and ive ran into some trouble,

my cam chain sprocket nut came loose and threw my timing off, which in turn bent both of my exhaust valves, i have replaced both valve stems and springs.

1.) can i check the clearance whilst the cam chain is off, (i rotated the cams to the correct orientation)

2.) one of my shims writing has worn off and the other is faded, but to the eye they look the same size, i can see that its ?.20-maybe 3.20 and the clearance i got was 0.06,

so what im trying to ask is could i just get two 3.0 shims for a 0.26 clearance or would i have to put the cam chain on and re test it?

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Yes, you can check the clearance if cams are in correct positions (basically all the round part is ok). But to be sure re-check it after putting cam chain on. and turn it around a couple of times and check again.

Did you cut the seats for replaced valves? New valves in old seats will not last as they say. Even if it will not leak from beginning.

I doubt that you will be able to see small shim differences by naked eye, prepare to purchase more that just two 3.0.

When I was doing that for all valves I bought https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UKHCM4/ and good that I did, as I needed more than a couple before I found the right size. 

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