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fun pit bike stories!!!!

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so everything I've read or heard about cheap Chinese pit bikes has been bad. but I think everyone needs to think about the good times they had with them!

with that being said my story goes...

so while I was stationed on the west coast on sea duty, my squadron ended up going to Fallen, Nevada (like most do) for ''work ups'' or training for deployment.

before hand, one of our buddies in the command got ahold of a pit bike for $25 from some Mexican dude that spoke barely any English. and he brought it with us when we drove up there.


now I don't know how many of you have ever been to this area let alone are/were in the navy in this area....but aside from drinking too much and gambling all your money away there isn't much to do.


any way my friends and I started having fun on his pit bike out in the desert cause we would rather do that, and found that it was so fun that we decided we wanted one. talking to some locals we found a dude whos cousins nephews wife's sisters fathers brother(etc etc) had some pit bikes for sale so we snagged them up for 200 each. one missing all the rear plastics and front plate and one missing an exhaust silencer and front fender with a bald rear tire...but they ran like a champ.

we proceeded to destroy these little 70cc Chinese Honda knockoffs in such a fashion that would surprise the most bashful kid in the world.

we took them through salty mud flats after the rain, through sand dunes, up hills that they had no reason even looking at, up and down boulders and off jumps that were meant for real bikes. to our astonishment they kept on going. we had to replace an engine mounting or swing arm bolt that we lost here or there but they didn't die....THEY DIDNT DIE!!!!!! we would try to race each other on the lake beds around bushes and try to get as low as we could in the turn and it didn't matter if we were crashing or not cause we never got hurt, it was nothing but fun.

one time we were hauling ass down a trail (maybe 30 or 35mph if that....but for those bikes it was flying!!) and I came on a ''jump'' more of a mound really. I tried bunny hopping up off the edge of this thing and my left handlebar grip came off, sending me and my bike in two different directions, my bike going up the trail and flipping a few times and me going face first into a bush, full of thorns, with nothing but goggles on...after pulling the few inch long thorns out of my bottom lip and walking the 20 or so yards to my bike I was able to ride the rest of the trip to the ridge that we had been eyeing for a while. you could tell this trail was made by big four strokes, cause our pit bikes full wheel base sat inside the woops on this single track trail.

we managed to get these suckers up to the very top of the highest ridge on  rainbow mountain. the whole time it reminded me of being a kid on little jeep shaped zinger quads cruising around the small areas of ocotillo wells with my family. that's what made it the most fun.

after looking around we found a few spots we wanted to take a look at so we ended up down in a wash, up and down more muddy hills and into a mud pit where we had trouble even walking out if even without a bike. traveling around we found spots with old hieroglyphics and a large deep cave even. we went from hill top to hill top to rock garden to sand bed on these bikes and had an absolute last. a few trails we wanted to go on we didn't out of respect of the area but the rest of the desert all the way up to the bombing range was up for grabs for us. we were working 12 hour shifts at night, leaving work at 6 AM and immediately going out riding around on these little bikes. we would ride for a few hours and pack up go back to the barracks and sleep for maybe 4 hours then go back to work and be there by 6PM, work all night then leave work and do it again. that was our routine for a month straight and we didn't care at all.

when we finally left we sold our pit bikes to a dude we knew for his kids, not even a month later I had my KTM 450EXC, which I rode for quite some time before selling it for a kx250. those little pit bikes got me back into riding, which got my parents and brothers back into going to the desert with friends. I wish I would have kept my little bike but its ok, ill find another one just like it eventually, and the experience we had and what it lead back to is something I wouldn't change for anything.




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